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I live in Mexico, Tlacotalpan Veracruz to be precise. I got bit by the birding bug about 6 years ago and it has pretty much become a major focus in my life. There is something about seeing a bird through binoculars for the first time that can stimulate a natural desire to learn more about nature and birds in particular. I recently read a rather light hearted article in the Boston Globe by Agnieszka Biskup entitled Confessions of a birdaholic
It brought a smile to my face.

Cooper's hawk Accipiter cooperii
I came across a nice article by Paul Smith in the Racine Wisconsin The Journal Times. He talks about the Cooper's Hawk.
The Coopers Hawk, which is a medium sized accipiter(latin for "true hawk"). Cooper's Hawks have almost identical plumage to the Sharp-shinned Hawk, however they are larger than the Sharp-shinned hawk. Coopers Hawks are quick and extremely agile. Passerines or songbirds end up being dinner for the Coopers hawk.
For more information on the Cooper's Hawk

On August 1st I read the first post of the 2003 North American hawkwatch season on BIRDHAWK
The report comes from Waggoner's Gap Penn with Dave Grove being the official counter.
Total observation time: 5 hours Official Counter: Dave Grove Observers: Craig Houston, Don Orris, Gene Wagner, Joe Lavella Weather: The 2003 fall season began with rain and fog in the morning. The afternoon was overcast with a moderate S wind. Observations: TV and BV circulated in the PM
Just reading the report made my day. It didn't matter that they did not see anything other than circling black and turkey vultures. The folks were there, "eyes to the sky" eager to catch a glimpse of the first migrating raptors. Those are my kind of people.
If you have never experienced a "hawkwatch", give it a try. You can check with your local birding organizations or HMANA.

Birdwatch, it's about wild birds, and the people who love to watch them.

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